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review How to Catch a Sinful Maruess The Disreputable Debutantes #3 Amy Rose Bennett Õ 4 review review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Õ Amy Rose Bennett A reserved debutante and a former soldier make an unlikely but fated match as they hasten for the Isle of Skye Orphaned heiress Olivia de Vere should have the world or at least the men of the ton at her feet But when she's thrown out of a young ladies' academy Olivia doubts she'll ever find someone who will love her rather than her bank account To make matters worse her dissolute cousin Felix is determined to marry her. 45 stars rounded upAs an orphaned heiress with a ruined reputation Olivia de Vere is forced to rely on the magnanimity of her remaining aunt and uncle She longs for a love match but that seems increasingly unlikely especially given her grasping family s determination to force her into marrying her debauched cousin Felix to keep her fortune in the family Essentially a prisoner in a townhouse paid for with her own funds Olivia can t help but admire her handsome neighbor a Scottish maruess from afarLord Hamish Macueen the Maruess of Sleat carries scars from than just Waterloo He faced many harrowing situations even before the war but none that prepared him for having a young girl abandoned on his doorstep with a note claiming her to be his child When his pretty neighbor offers to act as nursemaid for wee Tilda on the long journey to the Isle of Skye Hamish accepts despite his suspicions that she has personal reasons for wanting to leave EnglandDespite his efforts to fight it a fierce attraction arises between Olivia and Hamish as does his need to protect her from her greedy family But with so much threatening to keep them apart including Hamish s need to keep Olivia safe even from himself their future together is far from assuredThis book was uite the slow burn but it was so sweet and emotional and the buildup of tension so strong that I didn t mind Hamish had several deep seated issues tormenting him and Olivia was just what he needed to make him start believing in his own worth I loved Olivia s determination in the face of Hamish s stubbornness If you feel like reading a bit of Beauty and the Beast meets Cinderella this is a good choice I would ve liked a bit comeuppance for Olivia s hateful family but overall this was well plotted the characters were likable and I especially loved seeing Hamish s protectiveness coming out in the end It was lovely watching Olivia and Hamish grow and solid in their relationship and I look forward to Charlie s story nowI voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own

review How to Catch a Sinful Maruess The Disreputable Debutantes #3How to Catch a Sinful Maruess The Disreputable Debutantes #3

review How to Catch a Sinful Maruess The Disreputable Debutantes #3 Amy Rose Bennett Õ 4 review review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Õ Amy Rose Bennett Against her wishes A virtual prisoner in her guardians' London townhouse Olivia can’t help but develop a  tendre for her neighbor a handsome Scottish maruess Battle scarred in ways than one Hamish Macueen Lord Sleat has braved many dangers in life But nothing has uite prepared him for the shock of having a young child dumped on his doorstep with a note claiming she’s his daughter Just in the nick of time his p. a runaway heiress an abandoned child and a MaruessSo I hung around thinking to myself haven t I read this already Trying to work out how until lightning struck and I remembered I d read an excerpt in Bennett s previous book How to Catch an Errant Earl Mystery solved And that excerpt had been enough for me to want to read about the Sinful Maruess featuring another of our Disreputable DebutantesThe story seems to be a cross between Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast An heiress with a stammer and a guardian uncle and aunt with two uite vicious daughters and a horrendous brother Naturally the ugly family want to keep our heiress Olivia de Vere s funds within their control Hence the determination to marry their ghastly degenerate it seems son Felix to OliviaThen there s the mysterious Lord who lives next door to Olivia Hamish the Maruess of Sleat I love the opening scenes between them This is uickly followed by Hamish discovering an unnamed child who might be his left on his doorstepIf that s not enough we have the Mauess and Olivia hieing off to his castle on Skye naturally via Gretna Green Hamish is under the impression Olivia is a hard put upon companion When Olivia using the name of Lavina Moreland decides to seize the moment and volunteers to be the nursemaid for the child Tilda Hamish acceptsAs one trope follows on another as one event is succeeded by an even challenging one I became uite exhausted even though I m uite enjoying the furor that keeps emerging A fun read if you have a taste for looming injured Scotsmen and delicate intrepid sassenachs Those powerful legs in kilts and heaving bosoms and all the altered situations that keep emerging maybe a few too many have my head spinningI rather enjoyed the instructive and fitting excerpts from Gothic novels of the time used as chapter introductionsAnother fun read from BennettA Berkley Group ARC via NetGalley

review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Õ Amy Rose Bennett

review How to Catch a Sinful Maruess The Disreputable Debutantes #3 Amy Rose Bennett Õ 4 review review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Õ Amy Rose Bennett Retty neighbor appears offering to act as a nursemaid for the young girl on their journey to his estate in Scotland He suspects she has her own reasons for wanting to flee the country   The close traveling uarters leads to a fierce attraction between Olivia and Hamish that seems impossible to resist But when ghosts from the past and monsters from the present threaten to tear them apart will their unlikely love survive. Series The Disreputable DebutantesPublication Date 82520Number of Pages 320My favorite book of the series so far I absolutely loved both Olivia and Hamish in this beauty and the beast tale She is sweet giving and has a heart as wide as all England He is dour cantankerous standoffish and holds himself away from others The story is well written well plotted and the pacing is excellent A thoroughly enjoyable readWe ve learned of orphaned Olivia de Vere s trials with her misbegotten uncle and his family over the previous two books The only bright spot in her existence is her time she manages to steal with her friends Charlie Sophie How to Catch a Wicked Viscount and Arabella How to Catch an Errant Earl They don t ridicule her because of her stammer they just love her for who she isThings are getting very tense at the de Vere household Olivia s twenty first birthday is rapidly approaching and her guardians her aunt and uncle are pressuring her and to marry their son Felix to keep her fortune within the family They constantly denigrate her and assure that she knows she isn t good enough to receive any other offers Felix is a cruel mean spirited profligate who taunts Olivia at every turn When she discovers that Felix has been embezzling from her trust fund he threatens her in a way that lets her know she has to flee the sooner the better Lucky for her the opportunity presents itself and she grabs itHamish Macueen Maruess of Sleat has a scarred face from Waterloo but most of his scars are from much earlier in his life and they are on the inside Hamish knows he can never love or marry or even become close with anyone because he ll only harm them He s a violent person who can t be trusted not to hurt those for whom he cares At least that is his view of himself Those who know him know he is a kind giving person who always saves others So when he needs to get back to the Isle of Skye to save his sister and at the same time a lovely three year old little girl is dropped off on his doorstep he leaps at the offer from the girl who lives next door She ll travel with him to Scotland and be nursemaid to young Tilda who might or might not be Hamish s illegitimate offspringWhen circumstances along the road cause Hamish to offer a marriage of convenience to Olivia she accepts She wants a real marriage but he insists they ll only stay married until her twenty fifth birthday when she comes into her inheritance That is uite a bitter pill to swallow for romantic Olivia who wants the whole thing love marriage family all of itI loved how Olivia slowly figures Hamish out and does her best to help him even if he won t give their marriage a chance She has long admired him and it didn t take much to tip her over to loving him He also finds that he loves her but he cannot let himself act on it he has to protect herI loved their journey into their HEA This would easily have been a 5 star read for me except it committed one of my cardinal sins The villains of the piece got away totally free actually they got rewarded They had spent years abusing Olivia demeaning her ridiculing her threatening her and they get rewarded by Olivia and Hamish No I don t think so I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own

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